Change select button for accessing RetroArch menu Odroid go Advance?

Forgive me if this problem seems too obsessive, but I think most of us retro gamers are obsessive at times, lol. Anyways, with the Neo Geo and Mame emulators the coin button is mapped by default to the SELECT button, which is also used to access the Retroarch menu during game play on the Odroid Go Advance. So every time I go to RetroArch to load, save, or just pause the game, I add another coin to the credits because I have to hit the SELECT button with the B button to get there. This may not seem like a problem to most, but I like to make a challenge of these games like passing Metal Slug on only 5 credits for example, so adding a credit every time I go to RetroArch menu spoils the challenge for me. Is there anyway to remap Emuelec so I can use another button instead of SELECT to go to the RetroArch menu? I’ve been trying all morning on my own without any luck at all so some help would be appreciated!!

In Retroarch go to Settings >> Input >> Hotkeys, and set Menu Toggle Controller Combo to something different.