Change Button Mappings in Retrorun/Flycast

Hello all.

I am using an ODroid Go Advance Device with EmuElec 4.2. Software works great on this handheld. I am able to run Dreamcast with little to no slowdown if I use the Retrorun Flycast core. All the others tend to make DC a little choppy.

Unfortunately this removes the ability to access a menu and change button configs. I was wondering where the control mappings might be for Flycast and are they universal across all the different Flycast cores? I figured I could either modify a config file or set up the config in Libretro Flycast and have it carry over. Many thanks!

There are no options available for Retrorun, the gamepad config is based out of the emulationstation setup or the gamecontrollerdb.txt file

Thanks. I seem to recall trying to switch them out in the emulationstation setup when I first loaded it, but it had no affect. I will try again. If not I will save a copy and then try to overwrite the mappings on the gamecontrollerdb.txt file