[flycast][tools-reicast-joyconfig.py] Include in dev

Can we get reicast-joyconfig.py included in EmuElec. I tried just using the single file but the following error showed up:

Can't import evdev module. Please install it.
You can do this via one of the following:
  pip install evdev
  sudo apt install python-evdev

I’m trying to configure my wireless controller with flycast standalone and it needs the above so it can spit out the correct controller codes for my controller.
If it works good I might try and automate the process a bit more so others can benefit.

That file is no longer supported by Flycast, it was removed by them. Your gamepad should be automatically working, but in case its not, you need to use the GUI, and for that unfortunately you need a Keyboard or another gamepad.

Hey bro I found a solution, take a look at my other post: