[Flycast-standalone] Suffers from same load SDL Controller bug ordering

Hey Flycast sa suffers from same load gamecontrollerdb.txt ordering bug. I currently proposed a fix for it, but it might be better if we have a seperate patch take a look:

Also, in the SDLgamecontroller package I made it so it copies to config in storage, then creates a symbolic link from /usr/bin which may a better idea so updated gamecontrollers can be read also if ES changes the file.
See SDL_GameControllerDB package.mk:

makeinstall_target() {
  mkdir -p $INSTALL/usr/config/SDL-GameControllerDB
	mkdir -p $INSTALL/storage/.config/SDL-GameControllerDB
  cp $PKG_BUILD/gamecontrollerdb.txt $INSTALL/storage/.config/SDL-GameControllerDB/gamecontrollerdb.txt
	ln -sf /storage/.config/SDL-GameControllerDB/gamecontrollerdb.txt $INSTALL/usr/config/SDL-GameControllerDB/gamecontrollerdb.txt

With the fixes my controller works perfectly with flycast sa SDL no need to re-map with evdev.

Fixed in latest revision, feel free to lock thread.