S905 4.3 ,help!

1.flycastsa “segment fault” when quite game,close the dialog system work well(is there some good way to hide error message dialog or auto close error dialog)
2.The System always crash,When loading game,especially loading dc、naomi
3.duckstation 3d graphic video sawtooth,but when I use retroarch core to play ,I can only set one option ,It is better
4.s905 box loading from usb、or harddisk is very slow,how to grow up the speed
5.I wannt 4 controller,Is there any way to play different type game to use different controller,for exmple to play arcade,I use controller 1 、2 ;play PS I use controller 3、4

Any question can be answered,thank you so much!!!

  1. Flycast Standalone segfault error see:
    Exiting out of (EmuELEC) FlycastSA generates a segfault error. · Issue #522 · flyinghead/flycast · GitHub

  2. If system is crashing while loading it could be many issues lol. Backup retroarch config (retroarch.cfg) then remove it and let retroarch re-generate it, and restore the user directories to what they are in your backup.

  3. sawtooth? Please explain.

  4. The only way you can speed up usb transfer is by making sure you are using the usb 3.0 ports (usually blue) and not usb 2.0 ports (usually black).

  5. For arcade mame yes multiple different controllers should work ok. It will auto setup the controllers based on the order, if you want P3 and P4 controller to work as P1 and P2 be prepared to have to edit the auto gamepad script or edit the input config files fuckery loool.

As to “sawtooth”, I guess he meant to say the edge of objects in game is not sharp, but like sawtooth. Maybe zigzag.

Anti-aliasing will smooth jaged edges.

thank you for your reply

1st question I will try recompile source to retry

2nd as same as 1st

3nd please see pictures

4nd My harddisk is usb3.0(blue),I had try with sandisk but the result is that,harddisk and sandisk is slower than tf card

5th where is the gamepad script,could tell me some detail file name or where retroarch setting

retroarch core setting:

Uploading: 2.png…

duduckduckstation setting:

adding :
retroarch playstation ,image(it is better than duckstation x32SSAA,duckstation setting it seem not work)

Hi, i have also an s905 and wana use duckstation with opengl, but allways run with software render that look like you say! If i enter in retroarch you can change to opengl but if i change resolution the game dont run, just reset retroarch!
Can you solve the sawtooth problem?

duckstation needs openpl 3, but no one other emulator works with opengl for my s905, any idea?