Issues with 4.6 estable

The test version was nearly perfect, background audio missing from game menus and duckstation configuration crashes was all i noticed wrong, which i could live with.

Since updating to 4.6 estable from 4.6 test duckstation no longer works, red screen when loading roms, although i could never get glide to work on N64 rice SA used to work, now it reverts back to the menu screen when loading. Also, the issue with player positioning on dreamcast is back. If i load soulcaliber arcade mode single player, i am put into player 2 position.

For now i will be rolling back to the test version as for me, it seems to work better.

Before rolling back i did a clean install of 4.6 estable, duckstation worked but both n64 SA cores still not working and the player positioning on dreamcast is still incorrect.

Reinstalled 4.6 test and everything is working again with exception to background audio on title preview videos. Tried playing with settings through the on screen menu but can’t get the audio to work. System selection background audio is fine though. For the moment, the compromise appears to be worth it for functionality.