Issues with 4.6 estable

The test version was nearly perfect, background audio missing from game menus and duckstation configuration crashes was all i noticed wrong, which i could live with.

Since updating to 4.6 estable from 4.6 test duckstation no longer works, red screen when loading roms, although i could never get glide to work on N64 rice SA used to work, now it reverts back to the menu screen when loading. Also, the issue with player positioning on dreamcast is back. If i load soulcaliber arcade mode single player, i am put into player 2 position.

For now i will be rolling back to the test version as for me, it seems to work better.

Before rolling back i did a clean install of 4.6 estable, duckstation worked but both n64 SA cores still not working and the player positioning on dreamcast is still incorrect.

Reinstalled 4.6 test and everything is working again with exception to background audio on title preview videos. Tried playing with settings through the on screen menu but can’t get the audio to work. System selection background audio is fine though. For the moment, the compromise appears to be worth it for functionality.

Same here. I got everything working in 4.6. Games sound work. I lost audio for opening (startup) video and audio in menu preview. For now Im storing copy of 4.6 and going back to working 4.3 setup. Hopefully someone will figure out the issue would like to use 4.6. Tried changing audio but only 0,1 works with my setup. In 4.3 everything works correctly. Tryied reflashing 4.6 and still same issue.

This post is poorly focused because the devices are not mentioned.

That said, 4.3 and 4.6 are very distant versions in terms of the base and kernel of the system.

4.6 is compatible with officially supported devices such as N2/+/L, Beelink gtking or the Odroid go/Super or Gameforce portables and with most new generation Amlogic, although it depends on the characteristics of each device.

so 4.6 should work perfectly but there may be some problems with some devices like the new s905x4 or old generation S905 for which it was not designed.

It is possible that editing the asound.conf file could fix sound problems in some cases.

This post was following on from discussions between myself and Langerz but was never replied to.
I am using the N2+ and have the issues outlined with the stable version and the test version. The main reason for me going back to test version was player profiles switching but im unable to make changes to any files as I can’t ssh in.
If I could get title preview audio to work I’d be happy and leave it at that.

I understand…I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you.

in storage/.config there are 2 sound configuration files: asound.conf-amlogic & asound.conf-amlogic-ng

If you want try the following: make a backup of both files, then use the contents of the amlogic-ng file on the Amlogic.

If not, try emptying the contents of both files. If no luck restore the original files

forget that, edit the asound.conf file

Ok, I read the emmc via sd reader and can see the asound.conf-amlogic the other file isnt there. How can i edit it? I cannot ssh to the N2+ and unless i pay for disk genius it wont allow me to edit files or transfer edited files to the linux file system.
Ssh works fine on 4.6 stable but wont work at all on 4.6 test

Yes fixed it last night. had to update 0,0 to 0,1. Did it in both files asound.conf & asound.conf-amlogic-and everything is working now. Sound in main startup video, sound in wheel, sound on previews. My device is x96air

Is this regarding the 4.6 test version?

I m using 4.6 Version (stable)