4.6 form 4.3 no sound

I upgraded from 4.3 to 4.6. 4.3 sound worked correctly. In 4.6 everything works, except I have no sound. I read all post regardin sound issues and none fixed issue. I tried going into retroarch checked not muted, checked sync. Tried switching output from alsathread to all others.
Tired in Emuelec changing 0,1 to auto and others didnt work. Tried running a game in retoarch, no sound.

If someone can point me in right direction.

I did a clean install and go sound in games.

I fixed it. In the storage/.config. 2 files asound.conf, and asound.conf-amlogic-ng. Had to update pcm “hw:0,0” to 0,1. Now have sound in start up video, menus have sound and game previews. !!!Yea!!!

If I’m not mistaken, 0.0 is for “HDMI” digital signal and 0.1 for analog signal (headphone/composite video output).

Yes. I have 3.55mm audio in my setup. Going to amp.

This change fixed everything for me. I didnt know there was music when the main wheel was on. have it now.