EmuELEC 4.6, s905x4 no music in MENU

First of all, Hello, this is my first post.

EmuELEC 4.6, s905x4.

I have flashed EE 4.6 on Android box with s905x4.

Works well. There is sound in intro. Sounds when going through list in menu and in-game sounds are fine. But there is no music in Menu and no sounds from Video game snaps. Not a big problem but I would like to solve this. Any advice?


Shutdown to RetroARCH. Check the drivers menu option to see what audio device is working for the games. Don’t change anything and restart the device back to emulation station. Go to the settings, audio menu and select the correct device. Then go to the sounds menu and turn the volume up. Restart and check to see if that has worked.

Also make sure that you have the option for sounds on the menu turned on and a theme that has music for the menu.

Thanks for the reply,

In RertoARCH the driver is: alsathread
In EmuELEC the options are 0,0 0,1 1,0 1,1 unless there is somewhere else where I can choose driver?

ES error, still able to play .mp3 .ogg audio but no sound from system/videos ; I don’t know the concrete cause but it can’t be fixed right now, afaik it only happens on S905x4