Can’t launch Dreamcast games from emuelec dashboard

First off…new to the whole emuelec x tv box world and WOW it’s awesome lol.

Anyway, I can’t get Dreamcast Roms to launch from emuelec. Instead I have to do it via retroarch. No biggie I guess, but wondering what am I doing wrong??

I’m using v4.6 btw.

Cheers !

Seems to me that the chosen Emulator (normally EmuElec is set on AUTO for each system) is not working for you. Which core/emulator one are you using in retroarch? You should change the configuration in Emuelec to that one (instead of “AUTO” to e.g. “LIBRETRO:FLYCAST”) and try it again.

Good Morning, Try to send us a log, to see what might be happening. Home · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub

You can also try to change the core as the partner says.

So i should clarify, im not even seeing the dreamcast system in the menu. The only place i see the game is in retroarch. I launch the game by selecting the .cue file.

The attached picture is the rom files for the game placed in the dreamcast folder. I also included a screen of where i put the dreamcast bios files.

I see. Hmm. I only use *.chd or *.chx-files for the Dreamcast. EmuElec recognizes them withhout problems. I would definetly recommend this filetype as the filesize is less and there’s only ONE file for each game.

So my guess is that it’s the format of the cue-file? But if I remember correctly, somewhere in the system options of EmuElec is a menu option for bin and cue files… ? Hmm.

Or you could open the file es_systems.cfg and add the filetypes (.cue .CUE .bin .BIN) manually in the “dreamcast”- system section at the “extension”-line and see if that works out…

How to you access that config file ? I only see eerom and eelec drives when I plug in my sd card into my computer.

The simplest way would be to connect to your android box (using the IP shown in EmuElec) via an ftp-manager, find and download the file, change it on your pc and then transfer it back.
Username is: root
Password is: emuelec

Or you just get *.chd files from the internet… a good source with compilations is

Or you could also create chd-files from your existing files yourself… see here:

Went with the .Chd route though I was having issues with site you provided. May still try updating the config file as well just to see if it helps.

Thanks for the help !

Just search for “Dreamcast chd” and you will find a lot of options…

Thanks for the help !