Arcade Encoder Stick/Buttons Not Working in Emulators

So I’m having an issue with Emuelec 4.5 on my X96 Air and some arcade encoders. I had everything working before on some pre-4.5 version from a long time ago but I corrupted my SD card when I powered off by accident. The thing won’t boot anymore and I can’t seem to mount or recover anything off the SD Card. Now I’ve installed fresh, I set the controls and got them working fine in Emulationstation, but in Mame/Retroarch controls are not mapped at all and the settings keep on getting stomped on retroarch.

Steps I used:

  1. Set the twin USB arcade encoder two stick d-pad+ 8 button settings
  2. Set the two single dragonrise inc encoder two stick w/6 button settings
  3. Tested all sticks and buttons worked in emulationstation. Set Twin USB to P1/P2 controller in ES, Dragonrise controller to P3/P4
  4. Checked Gamepad config and made sure Autoconfig Advancemame/dolphin/flycast gamepad was on
  5. Booted into a mame game, and retroarch game, no buttons appear to be mapped. I can’t insert coin, start, quit, etc.
  6. Rebooted emuelec device to get back into emulationstation
  7. Quit into retroarch from ES main memu. Manually configure the buttons for port 1-4 using a keyboard for the first controller, unplugged KB and set the rest of the controls. Set Twin USB to player 1/2, Dragonrise to player 3/4. Set the shortcuts to quit retroarch + bring up retroarch menu. Saved profile for each, loaded a game and controls working and port properly set to the deck.
  8. Rebooted back into ES and loaded a Retroarch game from there, player 1/2 and 3/4 got swapped. Retroarch shortcuts got wiped.

Is ES stomping my settings? How do I get ES to configure the emulator properly and set the buttons/stick settings or not stomp my manual settings? Sorry if this is a repeat question, I couldnt’ find anything similar after a quick search.

Okay so turns out retroarch wasn’t actually saying my settings on exit despite settings config being set to save on exit. I manually saved the settings and that fixed retroarch.

Now with advancemame controller settings, I can hit tab and bring up the menu with a keyboard, but the controller settings for UI Up/Down/Left/Right are not set so I’m having trouble making changes in the advancemame menu even though under emulatation stationg gamepad config I have autoconfig advancemame gamepad set

Hi, did you solve your problem ?
I have a similar problem but I have the emuelec 4.6 and only happens with ps1, psp and nintendo 64 emulators.

PR 1103 should address the issue of keyboards being used to navigate the Menu Window.

If you copy both the updated, and files into /emuelec/bin and give them exec permissions, it should work.

So in SSH do this:

cd /emuelec/bin
chmod +x
chmod +x

Then retry the auto gamepad config.

Or wait until version 4.7 comes out which may be awhile.

Yes it was a combination of my controllers being set to the wrong player by emuelec+settings not being properly saved and Advancemame not having the correct menu settings that @Langerz82 posted.