Arcade Encoder Stick/Buttons Not Working in Emulators

So I’m having an issue with Emuelec 4.5 on my X96 Air and some arcade encoders. I had everything working before on some pre-4.5 version from a long time ago but I corrupted my SD card when I powered off by accident. The thing won’t boot anymore and I can’t seem to mount or recover anything off the SD Card. Now I’ve installed fresh, I set the controls and got them working fine in Emulationstation, but in Mame/Retroarch controls are not mapped at all and the settings keep on getting stomped on retroarch.

Steps I used:

  1. Set the twin USB arcade encoder two stick d-pad+ 8 button settings
  2. Set the two single dragonrise inc encoder two stick w/6 button settings
  3. Tested all sticks and buttons worked in emulationstation. Set Twin USB to P1/P2 controller in ES, Dragonrise controller to P3/P4
  4. Checked Gamepad config and made sure Autoconfig Advancemame/dolphin/flycast gamepad was on
  5. Booted into a mame game, and retroarch game, no buttons appear to be mapped. I can’t insert coin, start, quit, etc.
  6. Rebooted emuelec device to get back into emulationstation
  7. Quit into retroarch from ES main memu. Manually configure the buttons for port 1-4 using a keyboard for the first controller, unplugged KB and set the rest of the controls. Set Twin USB to player 1/2, Dragonrise to player 3/4. Set the shortcuts to quit retroarch + bring up retroarch menu. Saved profile for each, loaded a game and controls working and port properly set to the deck.
  8. Rebooted back into ES and loaded a Retroarch game from there, player 1/2 and 3/4 got swapped. Retroarch shortcuts got wiped.

Is ES stomping my settings? How do I get ES to configure the emulator properly and set the buttons/stick settings or not stomp my manual settings? Sorry if this is a repeat question, I couldnt’ find anything similar after a quick search.

Okay so turns out retroarch wasn’t actually saying my settings on exit despite settings config being set to save on exit. I manually saved the settings and that fixed retroarch.

Now with advancemame controller settings, I can hit tab and bring up the menu with a keyboard, but the controller settings for UI Up/Down/Left/Right are not set so I’m having trouble making changes in the advancemame menu even though under emulatation stationg gamepad config I have autoconfig advancemame gamepad set