Odroid N2+ Arcade Setup issues

I’m having some issues getting EmuElec setup

Here’s my system info:
* Odroid N2+
* 2 player arcade setup using DragonRise USB encoders
* EmuElec v4.5 installed on EMMC with SD card for ROMS

My issues:

  1. If I only have one DragonRise encoder plugged in (player 1) things seem to work ok. Once I plu in the second one, sometimes it works, sometimes it only works on player 2. I believe this is related to the two DragonRise encoders having the same ID. How can I setup the system to assign the encoders to a specific player?

  2. When I start a game (usually FB Neo) messages pop-up saying “Joystick configured on port 1”. This happens every time I start a game. Is there a way to turn off this notice?

  3. When I exit the game I press hotkey+start. Works as expected the first time. If I go back into the game though, every time I do something I get a pop-up saying “State Slot:0” or “State Slot:1” and I can’t press hotkey+start to exit. It’s almost like once I press the hotkey it doesn’t “unpress”. I can press “ESC” on my keyboard to get out though.

  4. Sound is very low. I have my speakers maxed out and can just barely hear it. If I go into retroarch and increase the gain, I can hear it better but not by much.

I have attached pics of the notices that pop-up (items 2 and 3 above) in case I didn’t explain myself well enough.

Regarding the controllers, have you tried to set the order explicitly in emulation station under start >> bluetooth and controller settings?

regarding state slot: I think there is an option on in retroarch to disable save state on exit which may be causing the issue.

1.- If I remember correctly the issue is that the dvice reports as “the same” with same ID and same information, so the system gets confused. I belive this can be solved via udev rules, but I do not know of any for this specific controller

2.- There is a retroarch setting for this, but I do not recall the name of it.

3.- this seems to be an issue with your controllers, maybe related to n1?

4.- how are the speakers connected?