2 Player Controls - PULLING MY HAIR OUT!

Hi there,

I’m using the latest Emuelec build with a t95 Max+ box. The main issue is i’m trying to get two player controls working but I cannot seem to fix it no matter what I try! Both controllers are dragonrise usb arcade buttons plugged into each of the USB ports. One control will work fine on it’s own but as soon as the other pad is plugged in and configured the controls duplicate themselves or switch backwards etc. I’m literally pulling my hair out with this one!

Can anyone help!?


Where is it duplicating in EmulationStation or Retroarch or both? Or is it a specific emulator?

Thanks for the reply…

It’s both emulation station and retro arch in different ways…I can sometimes manage to get both controls working correctly in ES then once a game starts the controls are duplicated or backwards…I’ll then attempt to set the control binds in retroarch but then once back in ES the buttons are screwed up. And then on restart it seems to change them again.

@EmuELEC might have to answer on this one, I’m not that sure how retroarch gets it’s input configured from emulation station.

I did some inspecting and it seems the input configuration files are shared by EmulationStation and Retroarch.
If the input config needs to be different the workaround would be too create seperate input files for Retroarch so it does not interfere with ES.

In SSH do the following:

mkdir -p /tmp/joypads-retroarch
cp -r /tmp/joypads/*.cfg  /tmp/joypads-retroarch
sed -i 's/joypad_autoconfig_dir.*/joypad_autoconfig_dir = "\/tmp\/joypads-retroarch"/g' /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg

The retroarch should have the default joypad controller settings of ES and if you change the button assignments in retroarch, it will not affect ES.

Thanks, I will give this a try but I was having some trouble ssh’ing into to this unit so was using an ethernet cable.

I also noticed that on restart emulation station seems change the button settings again, often switching pq for p2 regardless of which usb port is used


I’ve tested the machine with two different joypads and can confirm fully working in both games and ES. The problem must lie solely with the fact that emuelec sees the two dragonrise usb encoders as exactly the same and doesn’t know how to handle them separately .

To SSH in with linux, on your box check your network settings by pressing start in ES and get the IP address then in linux cmd type for example:
ssh root@192.168.1.x
Or in windows use putty or a SSH client. Password by default is “emuelec”.

I will be honest with you, I really dislike the idea of people reselling devices with EmuELEC filled with ROMS and copyrighted material. I will just give you a hint on how to fix your issue, but please do not ask for more help here.

Look for udev rules.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I didn’t mention anything about selling a machine here? This is my personal arcade build? But I do know there are many Chinese manufacturers selling their retro gaming machines with EmuElec pre-installed…Super Console X Pro is a popular one. This is just an observation.

I haven’t mentioned anything about running any copyright material or where to obtain ROMs so I do not know why I’m not able to receive help here?!

I have however found a workaround to this problem which I hope will help others…

By using different branded USB encoders the system treats them differently, they are both recognised as dragonrise units but one is branded “eg starts” and the other “sj@jx” so this allows them to work perfectly together.

I’ve owned this android box for over a year and ironed out most of the issues so if anyone needs any help with this unit feel free to reach out.

Thanks again

No need to explain yourself, you do you. I just choose not to help this way of doing business, https://www.reddit.com/r/Emuelec/comments/tci1cc/2_player_control_setup_help/i0eo3lb/ so unless there are 2 guys with the same exact issue and same exact nickname, this seems like you.

We provide EmuELEC completely free, we dedicate hours upon hours of coding, testing, debugging, rinse and repeat. I REALLY dislike people reselling it while breaking the license

Yes of course this is me! It doesn’t mention anything about selling these commercially…these are used for an after school/Saturday club…but like you say I don’t need to explain myself!

But the bottom line is that 99% of people use this software for the sole purpose of obtaining and playing copyright games, so inherently you are helping people do this.

Perhaps your energy would be better spent pursuing the 100s of companies selling their boxes with your software on, rather than a guy who has built a couple of machines asking for help on a forum…but you do you!

I’ll continue to invest my time in the software and help as many people as I can as I have over the last year or so.

I do appreciate the time and effort you guys have put into this.

All the best

Unless you can provide proof of this, I will still go with my experience with people like yourself and call this a lie. But I am willing to apologize and retract all of this if I am wrong.

There is nothing I can do about you, or other resellers, except deny my time and help. you can call it whatever you want if that makes you feel any better. Anyways, as I said before, please stop asking for help here.

What people do on their own privacy is none of my concern I do not hold copyright for any emulator nor game, it is not my place to judge what or how they get their games. What is in my power however is denying help to resellers such as yourself, if I want to spend my time and energy doing so, I will.

Great I hope you do! and I wish you the best of luck. just don’t ask for help here.

Hi Scott or EmuELEC team. Have you found the solution to this issue short of swapping brands? Clever short-term fix, however I’m having the exact same issue. Thanks.

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Seems to still be an issue in 4.6. Any ideas on a fix for this? I’m not familiar with hardcoding inputs or looking at udev configuration/rules. A single USB dragonrise encoder (ie. EG starts) works fine, but multiple ones get mixed up. Only temp fix I have been able to see is using different encoder brands.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Apologies for not replying sooner, I stopped using the forum after I wasn’t able to receive any help. Perhaps if you started your own thread the emuelec team may be able to help you on there?

My only work around was to use different branded encoders as you mentioned. I made a full size machine at home recently and I just bought a couple of cheap encoders for £10 on Amazon…it’s probably the quickest way to get up and running.

I’ve had a play with the batocera software too which is really good and the guys are super friendly.

All the best!