Sega Saturn can´t run in s905x3

Hi everyone, i´m still try to run Sega Saturn on a E.E. 4.6 - S905x3 - X96 max+ - 4+32gb device. All six file bios are present in bios folder and all have MD5 check correct. Emuelec give me a black screen and back to list. I tested with .bin .cue and CHD files format with same results.

My head explodes!!!

Anybody can give me help?, Thx friends !!!

Hello, what version of emuelec are you running?

Sorry, i have in 4.6

ok. For now, ignore the .chd, try isos cue/bin by running the .cue, check if there are any missing Saturn bios and send a log (emuelec.log)

the cue/bin images must be hosted in an unzipped folder, Emuelec should recognize each cue file as the game launcher

To find out if the system correctly detects the bios, consult “missing bios” in the game settings. If any Saturn bios appears referenced, it is because it is not detecting it. Make sure the path and names are correct, as they appear on the page. missing bios section

I´ve solved the problem, i deleted Yabasanshiro folder in saturn folder and gamelist.xml. Now work ok. Posibly a data corruption in them.

Thx! fol all, my friend!