Best file sistem for S.Saturn

Hi everyone: What is the best file sistem for S.Saturn? I have all bios files and roms are in .bin .cue, but not inicialize. Emuelec screen all the time and i need to shutdow my s905x3 EE version.4.3.

I don’t know if there are better / worse file systems. options are: cue / bin, img (most common) chd (compressed) afaik

check missing bios and emuelec.log

Thx! i´ll see log, never need to check before.

Hi! Saturn bios is ok with the same MD5 checksum for al bios files. Log files don´t tell me anything, i think if emuelec 4.3 chash before load saturn .bin .cue don´t write info in log file. Any idea!!!