RetroArch Per Game Remap Not Saving

Hey yall,

I am using a Le Potato with EE4.6 and am having issues remapping controls to specific games. I am trying to remap a joystick and 6 buttons to play mortal kombat which has a weird layout and was able to go into retroarch settings while in game and assign different buttons to different moves. However, when I click the save to specific game, exit out of the game, then reload the game, the mapping does not save. I am able to remap through EmuElec main menu but that is applied to all games and I don’t want to use my MK mapping for all of the games.

Another thing to note: I was having sound issues and was trying to fix some things through RetroArch and it didn’t save as well.
Are other people having issues with RetroArch not saving settings?


Retroarch uses a virtual map for all controllers if you change it in the main menu it applies to all controllers for that button, If you want different assignments for a specific game you need to make a game remap file.