Scraped videos no longer showing

I used option to scrape videos on Emuelec 4.3 to get those beautiful preview scenes. However, after upgrading to a bigger SD to get all of the videos for the games that I had ROMS of, I then decided to copy and paste all content of ‘EEROMS’ to HD as a backup.

Lucky I did this because I managed to corrupt the SD somehow at another time.

However, when copying the EEROMS from HD back to the EEROMS partition of a new SD, all of the videos that took ages to scrape are no longer linked up. THose videos are still in their folders. I guess a Gamedata ini file carries this info and I’m not sure why this never copied across to the HD backup, but the link is now broken.

Is there a way to regenerate the ini file to link up the game video scrapes?? There’s too many to do individually, so i’m desperate for some kind of script that regenerates these files and creates the game data file automatically (like screenscraper must be doing). I don’t really want to be scraping all of the video data again from screenscraper option, so please do offer up your knowledge if you can help.

Thanks for any advice…

somehow the gamelist.xml got corrupted at some point as you say there is no point trying to edit it manually.
Afaik there is no automatic solution to repair it except scratching it again, as the files already exist in the destination it should be faster but not sure

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Something i would try to check out…

  1. Are the video files from your backup hdd (and even on your new sd card) are still readable, or are this files probally may be corrupted (trashed data)?

  2. Check out the xml file of one of your ROM collection folders. Use Notepad++ or any other nice simple Editor (if possible with syntax highlighting) and check the saved path(s) to the linked video and image files. Are the paths / drives / filenames (upper/lowercase) are really identical with the ones on your hdd / sd-card?

  3. At least i would try to go to one of your ROM folders. Rename the “Image” and “Videos” folders and the gamelist xml - by adding an underscore at the beginning. Now try to scrapp this ROM folders again. If competed, jsut check the paths / infos of your old (underscored) and the new generated XML. Maybe you will see any difference, so you can change/edit all your other collections - without scrapping all files again.

Last but not least…
I know screenscrapper takes really a lot of time. But you can speed this up. Just remove or rename only the gamelist XML file in each ROM folder. Dont delete the IMAGES and VIDEOS folders. The scrapper will create a new XML… if your ROM file is not in the list, it will add it to the new list. If if finds IMAGES and VIDEOS for this title still available on your drive, it does not download again this files. This will save you some time and even bandwidth. good luck

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Many thanks for this suggestion. It worked perfect :+1:

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