Only getting arcadedb as a scraper option 4.3 build

Hi Emuelec,

After i have done with my Emuelec 4.3 build and everything worked as it should , i realized that i only have " arcadedb" as a scraper , i have seen you had this issue when you first release 4.3 and fixed it by a new one .

Here i have my own build , is there any way i can add the other scrapers ??


You have to provide your own API keys for Screenscraper, TheGamesDB and RetroAchievements to work.
Have a look at this file to find more information:

Hey @miwasp ,
Can you please help me with more tips ?
I read the file you shared , but i dont understand how to create that “txt” file .is there any way i can get that file ?
Not shore how to get Screenscraper API as well.
Is there any other way to add other Screenscraper to EmuELEC SD card by modifying some files ?

Thanks for your answer

You need to ask for your own API keys, the sites will not allow us to share them publicly. Once you have them you need to create the txt file as instructed on the