Scrape will cause a reboot on 4.3

After my updating form 4.2, which is work perfectly, scrape fucntion will always cause a reboot of es. And also scrape source ‘screenscraper’ and ‘thegamedb’ are disappeared, only ‘arcadedb’ is left, wierd.

I did’t try a new installation, yet.

reset scripts and binaries in: emuelec settings / danger zone /
if the problem with Sscraper continues, apply the update again

Thanks. Done that, same old same old.
This is how the scrape looks like:

what procedure have you used to update

official one, put the .tar file into .update and reboot. also my previous 4.2 is a clean installation, not some clonedisk mess, only thing i did to it is copy roms, themes, begels and cheats into it.

I’m not sure where the problem may be. this bug was fixed within hours of launch. then try the following options:
1.from official github of EmuELEC: download new image 4.3 or download update again and apply it.
2.reset scrits and binaries if update applied
3.Try to test if it was fixed with the original EmuELEC settings and theme (cristal) to discard some theme related

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Thank you very much!
Re-download then update, very thing is back!