Only getting arcadedb as a scraper option

Hi, I downloaded 4.3 awhile back and just uploaded some Daphne ROMS. I went to the scraper and noticed there was no longer a section to upload my username and password and in the actual ‘Scrape’ section, there’s only ‘arcadedb’ scraper option which only scrapes mame, arcade…etc. How do I get the old 4.2 scraping environment back where I could scrape any system on my ROMS collection. Many thanks.

Please re-download the 4.3 image from emuelec’s github. all scraping options should be present

OK thanks. I did wonder if that headline message alert refers specifically to this issue of scraping, but I did think I downloaded image after this alert was showing, but either way, I’ll do again and hope it rectifies.

Many thanks.

you can make new image or try the following:
1.Set stable update in “updates and downloads”.
and force update in “emuelec settings” / danger zone.
2. download the .tar update file and apply in the update folder.
in both cases reset scripts and binaries after upgrade