Emumovies scraper?

Hi. I’d like to know if a scraper for Emumovies can be created. Several years ago I bought a lifetime membership for access to Emumovies and I’d really like to be able to use it. The included scrapers for other providers have limits and wants me to pay for other memberships (Pepperidge Farm remembers that it didn’t used to be this way), and I’d prefer not to. I bought the lifetime membership for emumovies to be done with all this.

I can download all stuff from emumovies, but I think I have to manually add 40000 games to xml-files, making this an unfeasible solution.

If an emumovies-scraper cannot or will not be made, can anyone point me in a relatively easy direction in which I can use my artwork downloaded from emumovies, without doing manual xml-editing until I die?


what kind of xml files you got, created with what & for which frontend?

Hi paparansen.

Thanks for your reply. Always nice when people want to help :slight_smile:

I actually thought it was just “emuelec”. I believe it is running emulationstation gamelist.xml.

I don’t know if that is enough info

if the gamelist.xml is emulationstation compatible,
you dont have to do anything - just drop the content
into the emuelec romfolder - done.

of course as it should go, for example gba, snes and so on roms folder.

Problem is that a scraper is not a trivial thing to implement. I do not know how emumovies works, but your best bet would be to look for a script or program that would use those movies and insert it in a gamelist.xml

Thanks - I actually would like that. But doesn’t it has to have a naming convention and directory structure. There are all kinds of images - marquees, box, 3d box, screenshots, video etc. And what about directory structure? I can’t seem to find documentation. Can you help?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m sure it isn’t trivial. I have no programming or scripting knowledge, so I cannot do it myself.

there is a naming convention for the romfolders, like gba, snes and so on.
but within this folders, everything is set in the gamelist.xml.

i use all my romfolders all the time with setting up different emulation systems,
like batocera, recalbox, emuelec.

Just for the record I was not implying you do it yourself.

I’m not sure I get your explanation. Default folders, but you still need to set them up in gamelist.xml? Then my problem isn’t solved, is it?
Default folders makes no sense if I need to enter them in the xml. Then I can call the folders whatever I want anyway and create the same amount of work. Please clarify?

the naming of the ROM folders are important, nothing else.

the paths within the gamelist.xml are relative, not absolute.

like <video>./media/videos/supermarioworld.mp4</video>