Atomiswave Games Stopped Working 4.1

I have just updated to 4.1 and now my atomiswave games have stopped working, I’m new to this any help with this would be great.
Thanks In advanced…

Hello, which image of emuelec / device? Is it new or updated from previous version? The problem is only with atomiswave?

It’s a HK1 box and I updated to 4.1 from 4.0 using the updater way. If that helps.

Try resetting scripts and binaries in Emuelec settings / danger zone. If the problem continues, send a log (emuelec.log)

Easiest way to submit logs is by using the script “Send Logs” in the setup section on Emulationstation then send the returning URL, but you need to be connected to the internet.

logs are located in:
logfiles/ (if using samba/network shares)

for the add-on they are located in the logs folder inside the add-on folder

If you are having problems launching a game the most important log is “emuelec.log” you need to send the one created right after you get the error.

If the log is to big use a site like pastebin.

without logs or an error its just a guess game. So either post the logs or at the very least the error you get.

Did try resitting scripts and binaries and get most of the games working, Just a few now don’t work and I get an error message " missing 0ec5ae5b5a5c4959fa6b43fc8687f7c ".
Hope that helps.

not sure without the complete log, it looks like a bios error, check which bios you need to run your games correctly in the game settings / missing bios submenu.

If you don’t have the bios, how where you playing before?