EmuElec 4.5 - Problems to get some systems to work

I have problems to get following systems to work. (Needed BIOS/ROMS should be available)


  • white/lightgrey screen / no audio
  • no reaction to any button(s)


  • black screen / no audio
  • no reaction to any button(s)

DOOM (The Ultimate Doom)

  • Seems to be self running demo. Full version should be installed.


  • No audio tracks are played (Using *.cue with *.bin files. Sadly i don’t have an iso image)

EmuELEC does not include any commercial games. So no, full version should not be installed.

Sorry, maybe I expressed myself wrong in english.

Of course, full versions should NOT be included with EmuElec! I have an old full shareware version that I installed myself (WAD files) and unfortunately I can’t play it.

It should have been called:
“I have installed an old and legal full version”

Btw, any ideas how to solve the problems i have with the other systems? thx

What game controllers are you using? SSH in with the controllers connected and paste the output of:

cat proc/bus/input/devices