EmuElec 4.3 and Amiga BIOS (kickstart) files

I just updated my Beelink GT-King TV box to version 4.3 and I can’t play Amiga games anymore. I have a red screen which tells me that I am missing BIOS files from the Amiga even though they are in the BIOS directory. ( the MD5 hash are correct with my files)

Check the missing bios section, if everything is correct then there may be a problem updating. try creating a new 4.3 image, but first: have you reset scripts and binaries after updating?

Not too lucky with my upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3 … After unwittingly deleting Emuelec configuration files, it reboots repeatedly. I tried to do a forced update again with the .tar file but it’s the same.
So I reset to zero and waited 5 hours to copy my ROMS directory to SD-Card … In the end my amiga games work now but only with the P-UAE core, the Amiberry core does not work (but I think that it also did not work with 4.2).
On the other hand I have some problems with 4.3 … The wi-fi works intermittently, it says that it is connected with an IP address in IPv6 format (although I don’t have one) and no internet connection. When i deactivate the wifi in the menu the device crashes and I have to disconnect the power.
I have to do some reboots for the wifi to work.
Also I don’t have the virtual keyboard in the Fuse core (Zx_Spectrum). In RetroArch the keyboard is well configured on the SELECT key but it does not appear when I press it.

mmm. puae is the one that I usually use and the one that works best and most compatible, but it is true that amiberry is giving problems and I get error segmentation fault, on the other hand fuse is working well for me using type of control / kempston joystick, the virtual keyboard is shows ok (select button by default)
The wifi depends on the device I suppose, I only have problems with cuts or unrecognized wifi when I move too far from the router, in many of these boxes the reception is very weak.

It can not be the distance because the wifi router is only at 50 cms from the GT-King…
I don’t remenber having wifi problems with EmuElec 4.2…

I also have this issue. My GT-King is not Pro but it this a “WIFI 6” device.


Well using Kempston joystick as P1 controls the virtual keyboard is shows again on Fuse and working well.
Thank you for the tip. :+1: