Amiga,PSX emuelec 4.3

hello I have a tx3 mini with emuelec 4.3, amiga games do not work and psx games ISO/areo files screenshots below, bios files copied to eeroms / bios please help
red screen was displayed on psx with iso files

is tekken 6 a psx game? … are you sure you are using the correct paths/directories?

are your bios correct? check game settings/missing bios, if all is ok try another emulator in game settings/advanced settings/commodore Amiga/emulator/puae libretro(for example)

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Thank you very much, the amiga games work great, I still have a problem with the screen size but I think I can handle it, tekken 6 is not really psx but other games with iso files do not work do you see any solution?

currently iso is not listed as a compatible extension in pcsx_rearmed(default emulator). not sure if they worked previously, in any case you should have both iso/cue files, use .cue to launch

in my case i use cue/bin ,pbp ,m3u formats in roms/psx and they work fine.

ok, great thank you for your time, you helped me a lot

no problem, just to be clear… don’t confuse psp games (usually .iso or .cso format) with ps1/psx games (the most common file types are cue/bin), also pbp, m3u, chd…

hey i have one more problem, i use a ps3 gamepad on the cable every now and then it gets disconnected and it makes it difficult to play can it be emuelec’s fault? I checked other pads also with ps3 and on a different cable but it did not help

hi, this is not related. to keep things in order please open a new thread with as much detailed information as possible to help us understand your problem. greetings.