EmuElec won't run games but Retroarch will, EMuElec says libFLAC.so.8: file too short

It doesn’t matter what emulator I try to use, I get some variation of the red screen with the exact same error at the end of this post. If I use the [SELECT] menu in EmuElec to load retroarch directly then from there all the emulators work, but not in EmuElec. This is about the 5th format of the SD card, and the first that can be accessed by my computer without being told that the SD card is invalid and needs to be reformatted before use, so If I can fix this install that would be great.

Again, retroarch on its own runs fine, but the EmuElec loader does not.

I am running a Bee-link Gt king Pro that has a SPDIF optical port instead of a serial if that helps.
EmuElec still has nothing to report on the log file despite the errors. EmuElec Version “EMUELEC ES V4.5”

retroarch: error while loading shared libraries: /emuelec/lib32/libFLAC.so.8: file too short
exit 127