Famicom Disk System not working!

Tried everything! Put “disksys.rom” in bios and system folders. All 4 emulators say this is the file missing. I put in in game folders also. Nothing changes. Cannot run any fds files through retroarch or emulation station.
Never had this issue with Lakka or Batocera. Unfortunately neither of those will run on my android box. I like Emuelec better except for this problem. I have a load of Famicom games I legally own and would like to run them on Emuelec because it is my favorite frontend.

Except reading the wiki or posting the log… which is basically the only way we can help you.

I’ve read everything I could possibly find here and did everything possibly I could find elsewhere. I have spent a lot of hours trying to figure it out and put the right files in the right folders etc.
Why does it work out of the box for other frontends and not this one? Wish I could use a working core that is not missing the disksys.rom file. Guess that is not possible with emuelec?

Went to this page

Put the files in these folders
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System:
7bfe8c0540ed4bd6a0f1e2a0f0118ced /storage/roms/bios/NstDatabase.xml
ca30b50f880eb660a320674ed365ef7a /storage/roms/bios/disksys.rom

Caused Emuelec to have a config issue. I had to reformat my SD card and start over again. Hours of work wasted. I have to recongigure my controllers for all my games again.
Wish an update would fix the issue so I can run FDS files.

you have not provided the minimum information requested such as basic information of the used device ,version or error logs. In any case, EmuELEC executes FDS perfectly in the 4 available cores. no need to fix

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