Issue with EMUELEC 4.2

Hi to all! I have an issue with my emuelec. I always played with 4.2 version. Now i changed my house. I booted my console BEELINK GT KING in my new house and i got the message nr 1 and the emuelec doesn’t start
I saw on web that i have to update the emuelec to 4.6, so i put the update file in the UPDATE folder. I booted my SUPER X KING and i got the screen nr 2
When the process finished, the emuelec automatic rebooted but showed the message nr 3
I’m going crazy, i am pinball lover but i am a novice of arcade. What i’m doing wrong? How can i solve? Thank you so much for your help

This is not an official release of EmuELEC this forum is only for the OFFICIAL version that you personally install, we do not support premade images as the one you have.