Bee-link gt kink pro

i have the gt king pro and i want to install the emuelec 4.3 on it
but im a bit confused about the specific imeg file for it
i need to downlod one of this ?



or maybe a difrent one ?

that’s correct, the first one is the image you need to mount the first time (.img.gz); the second is the update file (.tar)

first tnx for the reply my friend
but now i a bit confused
so for my gt king pro

i need to download
first and to install it

and after that i need to download the second file


and to do some updates with it ?

i see on the changelog that V 4.3 have an auto update from the app inside

im a bit confused please help me to understand it correctly my friend

and tnx again!

Hi there. You only need to download the first file (.gz) to install emuelec for the first time and burn it to a microSD card. I am attaching instructions.

the second file (.tar) only to update manually if you already have emuelec need to download. is correct ;emuelec has an auto-update function but sometimes it may fail, that is why the update file is included in each launch.

tnx my friend for the perfect explanation !

i have one more Q please

you know if the new emuelec support GameCube games ?
because i see a YouTube video that someone played GameCube games on emuelec
and i remember before a long time ago that i installed an old version (i think it was 3.8) it not support GameCube

It is partially supported, … a standalone dolphin emulator was added BUT some games may not work or low performance. You must create the roms / gamecube directory to host the roms, also you will have to map your gamepad manually to make it work. I repeat, just experimental

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tnx my friend really appreciate you support!