Screenscraper - Files of some systems are not recognized

I’m trying to use the great screenscraper to scrap all infos of all my files/systems.

All the files belonging to a system (ROMS) have in addition to the official file extension - at the beginning of each file name a short identifier that looks like this:

  • “psx \ [PS1] Filename.iso”
  • “ps2 \ [PS2] Filename.iso”
  • “gamecube \ [GCN] Filename.cue”
  • " \ [GCN] Filename (Track 01) .bin"
  • " \ [GCN] Filename (Track 02) .bin"
  • " \ [GCN] Filename (Track 03) .bin"
  • " \ [GCN] Filename (Track 04) .bin"

In all other systems - where the file names are also structured in this way - the scraper works perfectly and recognizes the ROMS / titles.

With the systems mentioned above, the scraper unfortunately does not seem to be able to cope with the identifiers at the beginning of the file names, so that it does not recognize any ROMS / titles.

That is a sad because I would like to keep this uniform structure of the file names so that I can immediately see and know which system the respective file / ROM belongs to, regardless of the file extension.

So my question is how / where can I possibly set / change something so that the scraper does not have any problems with recognizing the title / ROMs for these systems?

Many thanks!