Question: PSX scrapping

I have some games in the roms/psx folder, which looks like…:

  • GameName A.cue

  • GameName A (Track 1).bin

  • GameName A (Track 2).bin

  • GameName A (Track 3).bin

  • GameName A (Track 4).bin

  • GameName B (Track 1).bin

  • GameName B (Track 2).bin

  • GameName B (Track 3).bin (up to Track 63)

  • GameName B (Track 63).bin

When scrapping this folder, the are not listed just once. They appears (shown cover) as often as Tracks available. How can i fix this problem? Do i really need to convert all this games to one ISO and one CUE file? If so, what tools do you prefer for this and what do I have to pay attention to when converting? thx

Maybe i should try to edit psx section of the “es_systems.cfg” file, by removing all file extenstion inside the psx extenstion section and add only “.cue *.CUE”?

Would be nice to have a solution, that works even on a clean install (without editing/changing) the cfg file.