How do I turn back the clock and go clean on ScummVM folder

As per a recent post, I’m having a problem with scummvm.

I originally didn’t name the files correctly and ended up deleting them from sd and re-installing and correcting names. The eeroms/roms and storage/roms didn’t seem to be a mirror of each other eiher and all in all, the scummvm folder is a mess.

However, it seems I can’t just clean out the scummvm folder on /eeroms/scummvm or sftp and clean out /storage/scummvm because having done this, then adding new scummvm game folders from scratch, I can’t get anything to be recognised via the ‘scan scummvm games’ on setup section and folder names aren’t scrapable either. It seems that there’s some other place that needs cleaning out to get the system thinking that i’ve never done anything with scummvm.

Any advice please on how I can completely clean out scummvm to allow me to start again from scratch?

Any modification to gamelist.xml or other files regarding ES need to be copied while emulationstation is NOT running, otherwise when it closes down it will rewrite your changes.

via SSH:

systemctl stop emustation

You can also go to EmuELEC Settings -> Danger Zone and try the options there, just make sure you understand what they do.

These are the folders used by the scummvm script


@EmuELEC Many thanks, it mostly worked.

Still have a load of problems with “.games" appearing in the game scrolls. These . prefixes I think were automatically generated in the beginning but even when I execute the 'systemctl stop emustation” in ssh and update the games list to remove these references, they still show.

For example, I’m trying to get dosbox working well and I have my folders in the ‘pc’ roms folder and the gamelist.xml has had the ._ prefix errors removed, but I am sure there is some cache somewhere because it’s still the old gameslist.xml and not the one that’s on the SD in the ‘pc’ folder.

Can you advise to get around this issue??

Many thanks.

I honestly do now know what do you mean, nothing on EmuELEC (as far as the base system goes, not emulators) creates .games files, so this is coming from elsewhere.

Apologies, I didn’t make myself clear here. The ._game file was just an example.

When I originally imported a bunch of game folders into ‘pc’ folder for Dosbox, I didn’t realise that every file was duplicated with a “._” prefix (eg ._something.bat) of each file name. When I used, they added these in as entries into gamefile.xml and the emulation station games listings were then littered with these “._xxx” entries .

I removed these duplicate file entries “._” file entries both from the game folders and also from the gamelist.xml. For both scummvm and dosbox, I have the game folders how I want them and the gamelist.xml how I want them, and, I have used the “systemctl stop emustation” (which has got me further than before), but the emulation station game selection screen, especially on ‘pc’ folder for DosBox, is still showing all of these original files.

It must surely be a cache issue??

Please can you suggest a way to get the actual emulation station games selection screen showing what the gameslist.xml is telling it to show?? Presumably a cache flush?

Much appreciated and many thanks…

Those files are created by Mac PCs, and have nothing to do with EmuELEC.

The only reason they will not save is because you are doing the changes while ES is running, before saving it you need to make sure ES is not running, otherwise like I explained earlier, the file will be overwritten.

Other than that I really have no idea, it seems to me you copied a pack of games from somewhere, and it has all those files included.

…but the changes seem to be correctly actioned. If I go now to the SD, those files are all removed and the gameslist correct as I want it, but I restart emulationstation and it’s like it is reading cached files from previous, not the files on the SD. Very strange.

Just so that I know I’m doing SSH function, the order I am doing is:

1 – Login to sftp (with box running emulation station)

2 – open a shell session and execute command to stop emulation station (systemctl stop emustation)

3 – makes changes to SD in /storage/roms/pc (or /scummvm) and then save.

4 – Then exit out of sftp and power off box and restart.

Many thanks

There is no cache AFAIK. You can go into the “Developer options” in the ES menu and look for an option regarding “gamelists.xml” parsing.

If any ._ file exists it might be hidden from you, but ES still sees it, and if it sees it it will add it to the gamelist.xml.

try ls -la /storage/roms/pc to show all files