Can some SCUMMVM games be added to the core 4.4 EmuELEC?

It seems that a number of SCUMMVM games have been legally released by their owners and made as freeware.

I think it would be therefore great to add these to the base installation of the next EmuELEC version as it would be legal.

SCUMMVM seem difficult to get working too, so having a base of free included ones on EmuELEC would form a great template for how to get others working.

Sorry, but no, those games require space, and since we use a compressed filesystem we only have 2GB available for the system, no use in wasting it on games that most people will not play. Now if someone makes a script to download them and use them on demand, I will gladly include it.

Can you elaborate on this? copying the files to a folder (e.g. /storage/roms/scummvm/atlantis) and running the script (in setup) to create the atlantis.scummvm file does not seem difficult to me, but maybe I am missing something or assuming something else?

None of my SCUMMVM games work. Always ‘Game File Cannot be found’, but can I just check, this is how they are laid out in the directory:

1 - Folders of games with the files within them (/roms/scummvm/atlantis contains the file).
2 - The generated atlantis.scummvm (after using ‘setup’) sits outside the directory - Is THIS the problem? Does the atlantis.scummvm file need to sit inside the directory of scummvm/atlantis??

That is how the files are supposed to be, but they need to be added to Scummvm which is what the script does. if this is the error you get then you need to run the script inside setup.

e[?25lscummvm: Unrecognized game 'atlantis'. Use the --list-targets and --list-games commands for a list of accepted values.
Usage: scummvm [OPTIONS]... [GAME]

for example on my roms I have folder /storage/roms/scummvm/atlantis with the game files and outside I have atlantis.scummv and inside this file I have

-p "/storage/roms/scummvm/atlantis" atlantis

which gets generated automatically.

and right now I am playing Atlantis on Scummvm.

I used the script and some games now work, but strangely I have two copies of everything in the game listings of SCUMMVM. Strangely, ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ appears twice and first entry works but the second entry doesn’t.

Other games still don’t load with ‘game file cannot be found’ error, but if I click ‘OK’ I can go into the SCUMMVM interface and add the game files from there and press ‘start’ to load them, which generally works - would be nice to get them working from the Emulationstation SCUMMVM games list though.

Is Gamefile.xml (inside the scummvm folder) the place I go to resolve these duplicate entries and any further ideas on why many game files display this error message but can be loaded from inside the SCUMMVM console??

Many thanks.

I had the same problem with scummvm.
I solved the issue with the following method, hope it works for you, too:

  1. Copy all the games into their respective folders, for example: "/storage/roms/scummvm/simon the sorcerer "

  2. SSH into the machine and stop emulationstation: “systemctl stop emustation”

  3. Delete the gamelist.xml-file in “/storage/roms/scummvm”

  4. Reboot system

  5. Update Gamelists under “Game Setting” – this creates a new gamelist.xml for scummvm

  6. Use the Setup-script “Scan Scummvm Games”. This creates “.scummvm”-files for each game in the “/scummvm”-directory (e.g. “dreamweb-cd-us.scummvm”).

  7. Go into the Emulationstation-scummvm-list. Now there should be all the games listed.
    When there are still duplicate entries of the same game, check by starting each one of them which one works and delete the other (by longpressing A – the sidemenu opens, go to “Delete Game”).

  8. You should have a list with working games. Now you have to scrape them (I did that manually for each game)

  9. Ta-da!