Is it possible to add Dolphin emulator to Emuelec?

I’m new here so if this is in the wrong place I apologize. A buddy and I both have the Arcade box AD 1900, (his is on Emuelec 3.9 whereas mine is on Emuelec 4.3) he downloaded super Mario Sunshine but couldn’t get it to show up. I’m more tech savvy however so I made a new GameCube folder in EEroms and it showed up but won’t run due to not having a dolphin emulator setup or script. Is there anywhere to obtain one by chance? Im fairly proficient in coding if that’s necessary though I imagine it would be. Any help is appreciated.

This is not the forum for your device, we do not support those companies, please ask whoever sold you the device and post your concerns there.

You have purchased a box that illegally uses Emuelec without authorization. These kind of companies make money with these devices, which is strictly not allowed. See here:

  1. We do not support pre-configured devices
  2. The S905 does not have enough power for dolphin
  3. Dolphin was implemented in more recent versions of EmuELEC, although “s905” is no longer supported