EmuElec 4.5 - Problems with Scumm (deleted games still appears)

I have tried to install 5 games for Scumm… When going to the “Setup Category”, selecting “Scan ScummVM Games”, only 1 game will be recognized. But that is not the problem i wanted to post here.

Back to topic:
I deleted the not recognized games (all folders and files), even those automatic generated *.scummvm files in the “roms/scummwm” folder… restarting emuelec, selecting again “Scan ScummVM Games” and like “out of nowhere” all (even the deleted) games are listed again in the list. (Seems scummVM has somewhere an backup or DB of every installed game in the past…

Would be nice, when “Scan ScummVM Games” would clear the old list / DB, so really only the installed games are listed. thanks

Probaly a first step solution:
There is a folder "Configfiles\scummvm" where the file “scummvm.ini” can be found. I opened this file with an texteditor. The file is structured like a normal windows *.ini file. On top of the file there is a “[scummvm]” section. I removed all entries after the end of this section. Restarted EmuElec, selected again “Scan ScummVM Games” and now probally all the deleted games are removed from the list.

Atm, in my rom scummvm folder is a game/folder called “Monkey Island 2 - LeChucks Rache (FM-Towns, German)”… The scanner seems to detect and add three versions of thie game to the list (FM, Amiga, monkey2).

Yeah, the ini holds all the info, it’s hard to know when you remove files manually so the .ini does not get updated automatically unless you run the scan again or at least it should, seems like you did this with no luck, I will check why it’s happening

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