How to use system preffix for filenames to work with scrapper?

First i have to say, the standard scrapping works fine.

For some system categories all the filenames of games i added a system preffix at the beginning of the file, that may look like:

Blockquote filename: “[ShortPreffix] Title of the Game.ext” (ext = extension)

It seems, scrapper does not like - adding [ShortPreffix]" at the beginning of filenames, because no games are regonized. So i have to use just only the blank games filename, like “Blam! Machinehead (Germany).chd”

Since gametitles like this are for multiply systems (and in my fault all are now *.chd files) i want to be save and use something like this:

Blockquote[PSX] Blam! Machinehead (Germany).chd

Blockquote[Saturn] Blam! Machinehead (Germany).chd or [SS] Blam! Machinehead (Germany).chd

Sure, i can scrapp all the “gamename.ext” in each systemfolder… and rename all the gamefiles, images, videos, manuals manually by hand, by adding the system preffix at the beginning of each file. Next i have to edit the complete xml files. (That woulld work - but it’s not worth the effort.

So my question:
Is there any way to change somewhere in (scrapper) scriptfiles or whereever, to scrap files that are looking like “[PSX] CoolGameName.chd” ? thanks