How to get videos showing for PORTS section?

I’ve bumped up my SD card size and am enjoying scraping (mostly from the videos for the games in the various systems. It means I can go into a game system and then scroll through the games and see the video intros for the various games. It adds a great new nostalgic experience.

However, there’s no such scraping option it seems for PORTS.

I guess it has to be done manually so does anybody know where I should place PORTS game videos and how to call them (as can’t see a scraping option for it which typically just automatically makes the required edits for the videos to appear)??

Many thanks for info on the subject.

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I have asked this myself some time ago. Would be really nice, if even the port-section would have/support videos as preview. Seems its not supported, due fact i could not found something like a “port section” on the screenscrapper website/db.

Probally you really have to do it manually yourself. I did no spend a depper look into this until now.

Yes, I don’t mind doing it manually but haven’t got any idea what to edit. It’s presumably something in the gamefile.xml in each individual game folder in the ports folder but I tried replicating that with the html video tag and path to video, but it didn’t work.

Anybody know a manual edit to get the preview videos working? Finding sample videos of these games is pretty easy, so it’s just a case of knowing how to reference them to appear in the video preview.

You need to open the ports /storage/roms/ports_scripts/gamelist.xml and add the videos mentioned there in the <video> part for each port.

Example for 2048: <video>./videos/2048.mp4</video> just post the video inside a videos directory in the same place as the gamelist.xml and name it 2048.mp4

Many thanks.

I noticed ‘ports_scripts’ was empty folder on ‘eeroms/ports_scripts’ but when connect through box on sftp I can see contents of ports_scripts and also could see a gameslist.xml file in ports_scripts. Adding a videos folder and placing videos in there and being sure the path works from the gameslist file in ports_scripts folder worked perfectly. :+1: