(s922x)A95X Max Plus

I have got A95X MAX PLUS with S922X SoC (4GB RAM / 64 GB EMMC).
is a mounting point for SSD/HD 2.5" disk inside
Emuelec 4.1 working on this box with not official dtb from sd card
I did some tests with the dtb of the X88 King and Beelink gts King
is working but menu is under overlays - probably wrong img
but question is how to run emuelec from HDD/SD
any suggestion wil be helpfull

I am sorry but I do not understand, you said it runs fine from SD card then you ask how to run from SD?

if you mean SSD, then you need to flash the image the same way you do on an SD card, but this does not always work

my fault I am little bit chaotic , I’m also too lazy to use punctuation marks , but I spend few hours on this :slight_smile:

this is information when I open menu emuelec after install , image - example "all games "- is on the top as overlay menu emuelesc is visible but under

this is my question how to boot emuelec from internal HD - I found only SATA port is connected to USB ports not to PCIe but I dont know is a true
machine is rooted ,

any help will be appreciated

You have to flash the EmuELEC image on the hdd / ssd just like if it were a sd card, but keep in mind that this may or may not work. Not all devices support boot from usb (in this case sata). The same in internal memory installations, it depends on each box. Therefore, it is recommended and only guaranteed support for installations from sd.

In the ES menus problem, not sure what the problem is. Try using a different theme

Make sure to use 1080 resolution on your TV, emuelec does not support 2k / 4k

ok quick question how to use SD card as a starter and 4TB HD disk as rom base ??

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The wiki link explains it, the most important bit is the file you create “emuelecroms” should have no extension, so no .txt or anything, just straight up emuelecroms


Honestly, this is the best way to do things, O/S on the sd, roms, themes, and everything else on an external drive. That way if ever the SD fails, or you need to do a clean install you dont have to go through the process of copying all your roms over again

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file should be named emuelecroms