S905X4 cannot start EmuELEC 4.6 of TF card on Android system

My H96MAX X4 is Rooted
I also flashed the EmuELEC 4.6 system on the TF card.
The default is TF boot system, which can boot the EmuELEC system normally

But according to the EmuELEC Chinese official website, the default cold boot is Android.
Need to replace aml_autoscript of TF card
When I cold boot, Android boots directly without any issues

But use a variety of APP switching system tools
can be restarted but cannot boot to the EmuELEC system and will directly enter the Android system
Does anyone know how to solve it???

Attached is the aml_autoscript.zip that is launched by default Android

Try this application on Android and see if Emuelec starts for you.

What even is that? We don’t host ANY Chinese website. Furthermore, we don’t host ANY website beside this forum.

The Chinese website you mentioned is not EmuELEC official. It’s created by some FAN user to share EmuELEC info for Chinese users.
Your H96MAX X4 is not on the official support list of EmuELEC. Supported Devices · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub
There is still chance that EmuELEC will run on your device, but no one can be sure about it.

You seems not mentioned DTB file. It’s crucial. I suppose you overlooked the install procedures for EmuELEC. Check it once more.

I have checked again. The Chinese EmuELEC website does NOT claim it’s OFFICIAL. There is nothing on the website mentioning its affiliation with Official EmuELEC.