Migrate system to a larger drive

Hello, this issue remains to be resolved: I have the system installed with the roms in a 32GB pendrive and I’m thinking about migrating everything to a larger unit, 128GB, do you know if it supports reading that capacity, both on the micro SD and on the pendrive. Since if I use a micro SD I have a free USB port but I don’t want to risk buying it if it won’t work. Or in any case if it supports a 256GB external SSD, since I want to add more PSX and Dreamcast games that work well for me.

It could work…emuelec supports external devices…but that will depend on your device in any case, NO ONE can assure you that it will work, as we do not know what capacity it supports, the energy and USB transfer speed necessary or why it does not boot from MicroSD .

Also, as you have already been told, S912s are not reliable, you should consider taking the risk on your own.