Is there a more intense power saving mode?

I have my power saving setting on emulationstation set to “enhanced.” On my S905X3 android box it idles around 5.4 watts on the main menu. Inside of an actual PSX game it runs around 4.0 watts.

For the sake of avoiding unnecessary waste, but more importantly just to keep the temperature down inside my box, as all it has is a very small heatsink with no active airflow at all, I would like to find some way to bring the idle power consumption down.

In CoreElec I can keep it idle around 2 watts, I would be very satisfied if I could get that with EmuElec as well.

According to Top SSH command it is using about 2% cpu. I don’t know how to check temps in emuelec. Idle temps are around 60 C, I would like to bring that down as much as possible.