Possible to control CPU clock?

An idea I just came to me.
I saw people add cooling fan to an Android phone to allow overclocking. It makes wonder,
if I add a fan to TVBox SoC which allows better cooling, can I set CPU to run in a higher frequency?

My purpose is to make God of War for PSP running smoothly on S905X3 TVBox. Currently, without any mod, GoW runs at 15 to 20 FPS after tuning. I am not satisfied with the result, and trying to find a better solution.

You can optimize from two aspects: the first is to transform your TVBox cooling system, and the second is to adjust the setting of ppsspp. In this way, it can run stably at 60 FPS

PPSSPP config
CPUSpeed = 120

Thanks for the settings tip. I will try it later.
Still, I want to discuss how to control CPU frequency if cooling fan is added.
I mean, in EmuELEC settings, not just in PSP emulator.

BTW, I saw some threads discussing overclocking in CoreELEC forum. I will try it.

OK, you can try it first。

In addition, my point is:
If you just want to run God of war smoothly. There is no need to overclock. The cooling fan is added to prevent the frequency reduction due to excessive CPU temperature.

Thanx for the reply.
I want to squeeze every bit of the box’s computing power. GoW is just an example. If possible, I also want anti-alias in full HD resolution.

The computing power of s905x3 is not enough. If possible, please consider s922x.

I know S922x is better, but I won’t buy it. I will stick to a S905X3.

You can theoretically adjust the clocks by unpacking the dtb file, I done a proof-of-concept when the beelink GT king-pro dtb file only had 800Mhz instead of its supported 840Mhz. But tbh an increase doesnt speed up emulation by much. You are better off fiddling with the emulation settings and perhaps capping the FPS so audio and game threads dont get tied up.

But yeah S922X with 4gb or more RAM is the way to go, below chips might outdate pretty fast with the builds, Amlogic ones have already.