Is there a good way to adjust screen position?

I’m trying to play PSX games on CRT with EmuElec on S905X3 Android TV Device.

As shown in the picture, the picture is significantly shifted off to the left and down, so that much of the screen is cut off.

I know how to adjust my CRT picture to move it around, but it is very inconvenient to do so, and doing so would ruin the position of the screen for actual PSX or PS2, which it is currently set up for.

Is there a good way of changing this inside of EmuElec?

Depends what EmuELEC version you are using, 4.5 or higher:
In SSH edit /emuelec/configs/emuele.conf, and add ee_videowindow=55 10
The values are: X-position Y-position Width Height. If you use just the X and Y values the Width and Height are auto-corrected to be the same bordering on the other side. Note - If you are using 480cvbs it may be in widescreen mode which is 480x720 px.

Thank you so much! It did shift the picture into the correct place.

I’ll make a new thread about the overscan.