[Testing Needed] Analog Television Users, (NTSC or PAL out)

Hello all,

I need a few users to test the changes I made too Television Analog out modes for both (NTSC or PAL). If you do have a older Television with old video RCA input connector you can test the resolutions running in emuelec.

First of all, you cannot use a digital to analog converter. The signal will output in analog so it will need straight through cable that do not do any conversion.

Before you do anything, make sure you write down your IP address when you SSH into the device, and that you are somewhat familiar with entering linux commands into bash and ssh.

Connect the device up to a normal digital tv or monitor.

Then get into EmulationStation if you haven’t and press start >> EmuELEC Settings >> Video Mode, Now look for 480cvbs if you use NTSC, or 576cvbs if you use PAL.

If you restart or boot it will go into analog mode so do NOT restart like it says, instead shutdown the device.

If you have your device connected to the analog TV you will NOT be able to see anything, so you will have to type in SSH commands.

SSH in the IP Address of your device. Default username=“root” password=“emuelec”. Entering in the following commands one at a time, making sure they complete.
To do so you need to remote SSH and copy/paste the following commands from your default logged in home directory (~:):

cd /emuelec/bin
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Langerz82/46bfdc9fe2fc271b8fbd6e39dd00cf63/raw/c5df6e3a14124575798817d43593362be2a0b46e/setres.sh
chmod +x setres.sh
systemctl restart emustation

If you run into any trouble if you still have SSH access to revert the video mode back into digital for example 1080p60hz :

systemctl stop emustation
sed -i '/ee_videomode/c\ee_videomode=1080p60hz\' /emuelec/configs/emuelec.conf
systemctl start emustation

And the new resolution should kick in and it will start outputing analog signals. Make sure you have constant network access to your device or you are not going to be able to change it back that easily (you will have to mount the card in linux and modify the emuele.conf, ee_videomode=480cvbs to your normal resolution for example ee_videomode=1080p60hz.
If anyone is up too the task I would appreciate it allot, I’ve been meaning to get analog modes working but couldn’t find many testers.

Thanks and kind regards,

Do NOT test yet. Im pretty sure the file wont work properly.

Ok it’s ready for testing.

hello I would like to test, I have tube tv (crt) my dream was to see emuelec working on crt tv, with video resolutions settings in retroarch like batocera crt 15khz.