Request for CEC remote control support

I think its a very special and proably not easy to implent feature i would really like to see since a long time. But at least i think it would be a cool and nice feature.

What do you think about CEC support (like Kodi/LibreElec), so we can use the remote control to scroll/select/navigate on the mainscreen the wanted system/game. Personally i would really like to see/have this feature in a future version. Thanks.

I think you misunderstood the usage of CEC, the main purpose of Consumer Electronics Control is to sync essential operations between multiple CEC-capable devices to reduce the need to switch between multiple remoted over and over again. Even on CoreELEC (EmuELEC’s base, it’s based on LibreELEC), CEC support is not perfect and can’t be used alone to navigate through the kodi GUI. On some devices, CEC just does not work on CoreELEC, which means it is also impossible to work on EmuELEC. So CEC is really a hit or miss.

If all you want is to control the system UI with your remote, and your remote happens to be a IR one, then you have an easier workaround: configure it to work with eventlird and configure it to work with EmulationStation as a controller. You should follow the CoreELEC 19 method in this tutorial, and then configure the remote just like how you configure a controller. After doing so you can control both your TV and the EmuELEC box with the same remote.

CEC is enabled by default on EmuELEC, but as @7Ji mentioned, CEC gives more issues than solutions by itself on EmuELEC.

Hello, is there a way I can disable CEC in Emuelec? For some reason my Odroid N2+ powers on when I turn my TV off.

Thanks for your info. I have tried the link to the tutorial and tried to change things again. Sadly with no luck.

meson-ir * mecool.toml
-sh: meson-ir: command not found

Thats cool. However it seems not to work / enabled using Odroid N2+ and “Sharp LC-32D65E” TV.
Btw, using CoreElec to run Kodi, CEC works fantastic without any issues.

Like I said “CEC gives more issues than solutions by itself on EmuELEC.” I am not sure why you would even need a IR for EmuELEC?