CEC options like CoreELEC/Kodi?

does EmuELEC 4.6 have CEC options like CoreELEC/Kodi to disable wake-up?
for example:

System | Input | Peripherals | CEC Adapter (libCEC):
- Devices to also put in standby mode
- When the TV is switched off Shutdown
- Wake-up by auto power on
- wake-up by streaming path/routing change
- wake-up by activit routeforce wake-up 
- ...

because i have the issue that after i shutdown EmuELEC and switch my TV to another HDMI source (e.g. to my other PC or Raspberry Pi), the device with EmuELEC boots automatically.

the same issue i had with CoreELEC on the same device, but i was able to keep the device shutdown by disabling some CEC (wake-up) options under System | Input | Peripherals | CEC Adapter (libCEC).

does EmuELEC has similar CEC options?

this thread is related tp:

i found some CEC settings in the EMUELEC/config.ini file.
unfortunately the description of the flags were removed from the config.ini file.
but they are in a commit:

# HDMI CEC Control
#   Setup custom options by enable these flags:
#     Function                   bit
#     CEC_FUNC_MASK              0
#     ONE_TOUCH_PLAY_MASK        1
#     AUTO_POWER_ON_MASK         3
#     CEC_INPUT_MASK             5
#     ACTIVE_SOURCE_MASK         6
# cec_func_config='7f'

i tried cec_func_config='67' and it kind of works.
when i shutdown EmuELEC and switch the TV to another HDMI source, the EmuELEC device stays off - as i wanted.
but i am not sure if that flag just disables CEC completely, because CEC OSD naming does not work at all, even i set it in config.ini file (cec_osd_name='EmuELEC').

anyhow the most annoying issue is fixed.