Green screen boot up - How do I reset to default?

I changed to not show video on Bootup in EMUElec settings. It fails bootup now How can I reset EE to force default settings. I do’NT have a PC.

Sadly you don’t tell us something about the version and device you are using, nor what exactly happens to fail showing video. Two things i would try, if you dont have a PC…

  1. If you installed on a SSD, are you able to insert this card (maybe using adapter) to tablet / phone to read and edit content?

  2. Try to post the log-file if possible.

  3. If you can read the SSD or device (where you installed EE), go to following path:

  •  "\Configfiles\emuelec\configs\emuelec.conf"

and try to open and edit “emuelec.conf”. Inside the conf file there should be a section called:

or maybe:

“Storage.config\emuelec\configs\emuelec.conf” ?

  • Always show boot video

  • ee_bootvideo.enabled=0

Change the 0 to 1, save it and try to restart/boot your EE/device.

Its a 905 Android Box. The emuelec is in a image I dont think I can open as I’m (on Android phone) on a SDCard

Theres a dti.img file size 39.36K

almost certainly your Emuelec image is not legitimate and is corrupted.

The solution to your problems are :

claim the seller or whoever provided that image

or create a new official image (does not include licensed content), but for that you will need to research the actual specs of your device and a PC to burn the image and copy the corresponding dtb file, all info is on the wiki

Regardless of what went wrong or what version it is. You can offer no guidance to reset it to default which is sad as all EmuElec boot up roughly the same s/w architecture. Or advice dismember on bootup, so your bloody clueless. Developers more interested in compressing it than making it user friendly. If theres no way to Ctrl Brk on bootup then EmuElecs crap and stupid and bloated frontend with no substance.

First, keep it civil. Second please use another software that fits your needs and its not “stupid and bloated”

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