Amlogic boot up files

I have a emuelec 4.2 installation and have some problems with MAME being blank screen and many other games showing a fail log (with ‘close’ button at bottom), but a friend on the same 4.2 version on a different box (but the same brand and make) has no problems at all. Somebody else sorted his box for him so he doesn’t know what’s different.

He allowed me to clone his SD card and it is the same box H96 Max we both have. I had hoped that simply the cloned SD could be put in my H96 Max box and all would work, but it just boots up to Android TV.

My question therefore if anybody can help:

Are there a set of boot files that I can copy from my original SD card (where I’d already gone through the dtb.img selection etc that sparked various boot script activity) and copy to the new cloned SD card so that the cloned SD card can work on my box (which seems to have none of the problems that I’m experiencing otherwise)??

I’d recommend backing up your games if you don’t have them backed up already and do a fresh install of emuelec 4.2 and ensure you get the correct img file from the device tree folder and move it to where it’s supposed to be and rename it to dtb.img or replace it if there is one already there. I believe there is a dummy file already there to help show where it’s supposed to be. I’d say follow a guide online for your x96 box.

I’d then probably take copy of some of his arcade games as a test first. Reason I say this is mame roms have versions some work for mame 2003 or 2010 or mame 2016. If you hit start button on the home screen you can pull up the menu in Game settings all the way down you’ll see per system advanced configuration. If you go into it you can select arcade and change what emulator core essentially you want trying to run the game. Now changing this setting right here will set the entire arcade library to whatever emulator core you pick. Now if you have individual games that require a different emulator core you can go into the arcade library from the home screen and find the game you need it set differently and hold down either A or B depends on what your launch /options button is set to and a side screen will come up. If you go into advanced game options you can change it from here as well for specific games.

Sounds like what your experiencing is the red screen that says error meaning the game failed to load. Try using a different version of mame. I mostly use final burn neo but some games I’ll have to use 2003 or 2016. Hope this helps .

Also if I spread any bad information I do apologize I had seen that no one replied yet and thought I could possibly help.

Many thanks, the changing of the Emulator on the main settings menu for the individual consoles does fix the Mame problem. I’ll try it for the others that I have problems with by looking at the settings on my friends box.

Yes sir I hope everything works out my man. Hope you have fun with your arcade games and stuff.

The latest dev version should get advmame to work on 720p and 1080p. You can in emuelec settings change to 1080p and the try and run the Mame emulator. 720p will only work in dev version as its been patched.