Going into sleep mode when USB transfer so transfer fails

Trying not to rant here so after finally getting eeroms to install on an external ssd install I can’t transfer more than 56GB of roms on usb before emulec goes into sleep mode and transfer fails. Power saving mode settings have never worked to keep it from sleeping. I have the same problem when scraping. With almost 500Gb of roms I am tired of reinstall and manual transfer then re scrape since 3.x. sorry turning into rant.

EmuELEC has no sleep mode on Amlogic devices (I have an arcade cab running almost 24/7), and even on handhelds is not automatic, are you sure this is not something else? like your TV with HDMI CEC?

I think the screensaver is probably activated during the transfer.

That is not the same as sleep mode, sleep will kill services (samba, scrape, etc), the screensaver does not

Yes, sure. emuelec doesn’t have automatic sleep mode, I mean the screensaver might look like it. the error comes on the other hand, maybe something from the sd or the transfer size exceeds the capacity or a bad connection … who knows