Suggestions thread

If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in EmuELEC please reply to this thread and help us make EmuELEC better!

When the “game focus” mode is activated in retroarch you cannot exit and return to the menu using the gamepad. It would be great to be able to do it.

As far as I know, that is how its supposed to work… game focus disables all hotkeys in Retroarch, which includes the “Exit” hotkey.

I really want to be able to play Mario Kart DD on GC with the N2+. In Emuelec it runs but quite a lot of audio stutter and frame rate reduction.
I tested an Android image and found Vulkan produced a blue screen when the game starts, eventually found Dolphin MMJ which gets rid of the blue screen overlay.
Using Dolphin MMJ I get around 55fps on N2+ running overclock settings, single player on Mario Kart DD is almost perfect, absolutely playable, 2 players drops to around 45fps, runs a tad slower but still quite playable.
Switching between Android image and Emuelec is a pain so I’m sticking with just Emuelec for personal ease but would very much enjoy being able to play this title.
Is it possible to get the MMJ version onto Emuelec with the Vulkan driver?

This is a question for a developer, but afaik there is no compatible vulkan driver for linux. Therefore there is nothing to do at the moment

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Unfortunately, @AlienatedDiego is correct, there are no Vulkan drivers available for our devices, so there is nothing we can do.

suggestion 1: please update the addon for coreelec :slight_smile:

suggestions 2: possible to add drastic to the addon for coreelec ?

Thank you both for your reply. How come we can use the Vulkan driver on PPSSPP? I think I tried it out and it didn’t perform very well compared to OGL, just makes me curious as to why.

Also, is there an option to enable the fan for the N2+, or set the temperature for it to come on?

Just because it says its using Vulkan, it does not mean its actually using it.

for gc, you should try batocera with all core overclock to 2400 - fan cooling of course ^^

Unless it has the Vulkan driver I doubt it will perform any better. I’m already running at 2400 with Emuelec but the GL driver can’t deliver the same results

a guy in batocera discord says, it runs f-zero in fullspeed.
if you want, i can give you his username there and you
can talk with him - a nice guy.

Can we keep this thread for suggestion on EmuELEC only please? you can open another if you want to talk about others

sure, just answered to his questions.

how about you responding to suggestions :wink:

btw i have another 2 of them:

  • bump up ES in the addon
  • possibility of saving per core settings in addon

Since EmuELEC is now 64bit and CoreELEC is 32bit, the addon is on hold.

Just checking back in to see if theres an option to enable the cooling fan on N2+?
I’ve felt my heatsink get pretty hot after some heavy 2 player Dreamcast gaming and never had the fan activate.
An always on mode would be nice if that’s possible?

It would be great if we added the function of using network shares for storing roms

Or even better if people read the WiKi :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: