Shaders in Emuelec 4.6 + Bluetooth


I have just clean installed 4.6 on my Beelink GT King. Everything works fine except that I can’t find a way to install more shaders in retroarch.
On previous versions, I would go to retroarch, Main Menu, Online Update and then I would be able to find the option there (alongside other options like update controller profiles and others).
All those options are now missing. Is it an issue with my installation or did they move them somewhere else?

Also, bluetooth controllers take much longer to connect to the device compared to 4.5. Is that normal?

Thanks for your support.


Intended. Shaders and controller profiles break EmuELEC installation, the best shaders that work with EmuELEC are already installed.

I agree about the controllers, had to reinstall once after updating the list :slight_smile:
But I liked the handheld shaders (lcdx3) for the gameboy. I tried some others but couldn’t find a good one. Any shader you would recommend for handheld that doesn’t blur the image?

Thanks for the reply!


You can copy the shaders manually via network share, there should be a share called “Shaders”

Will do that thanks!

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I am having similar issues with stable shaders not included. I can add my preferred shader, save settings, apply shaders and have it run fine. When I restart retroarch, all settings are lost.

I have tried to overwrite retroarch cfg manually to change video_shader_enable to true, but it resets to false.

I have tried global saves, core cfg save, and individual game saves with no luck. I’m hoping to globally save these settings.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Am I missing something. Any help would be appreciated.